Frequently Asked Questions

Buying and Selling

Q1-As a charity, do I have to buy or sell items on Nucha?
No. As a charity you don’t have to buy or sell on Nucha. We are a marketplace designed to help charities raise funds mainly as a result of buyers and sellers activities.
If your charity has charity shops. Nucha is the ideal place to open your shop and sell your items since we are a native donations paltform. Visitors come to our platform specifically to help raise funds for great causes.

Q2- As a seller do I have to donate to charities?
Donating is one of our core function and is our main purpose. We ask that every item listed help raise vital funds for a cause. The minimum donation per listed item is 2%. You can donate up to 95% of the proceeds to a cause.

Q3-Can I change the beneffiting charity have listing an item.
Yes. You can change the benefitting charity and the % you wish to donate by going in your “My product” section and edit your listing.
Once an item is sold you can no longer make these changes as the % is already pledged to a specific charity and an agreement is in place with the buyer that you will donate to the specific charity.

Q4- How do Postage and Packaging charges work?
For now we recomand you take into account your shipping costs when pricing your item.
We will integrate the P&P calculator later and notify every seller once it’s gone live.

Q5-Is there a Set Time Period for listed items to be active?
There is no time limit on a listed item to remain active. Your item will remain active until sold. If the quantity is more than 1 for a listed item. You will be notified when you are
low on stock and the item will apprear as Sold once the last available is sold out.

Q6- How do I return an item?
Most second hand sellers don’t accept returns unless for an abvious faulty item or misleading pictures.
The seller does not recieve the proceed before the cooling off period. In case of serious issue with an item. You will have to inform us before that period ends.

Donations and Fundraising

Q1-As a charity, how do I recieve funds from donations?
A1- We transfer the funds to your ause via bank transfer minus the processing fees.
The first transfer happens when your cause has raised £100. We then transfer funds on a monthly basis.

Q2-What is an Indirect donation?
An indirect donation occurs when a seller made a sale and your cause was the benefitting charity. You automatically recieve a notification when the sale happens, informing you of the amount. If the buyer returns the item during the cooling off period, we won’t transfer the funds since the sale would have been cancelled. If there is no return. The funds are transferred without any fee.

Q3- As a cause, will I recieve funds raised by supporters during challenges directly?
Yes. When you are the benefitting charity from a fundraiser the organiser doesn’t recieve the funds personally. They’ll recieve a proof of transfer from us once we’ve teansferred the funds to your bank account.

Q4- Can I change benefitting charity during a fundraiser.
No. People who contributed to the fundraiser did so because of the charity. Changing the cause during the fundraiser breaks the trust between you and your supporters.

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