Buy unique items
Fund great causes.

Buy unique items
Fund great causes.

Make a difference today


How it works?

We make sure that every single action generates income for a good cause.

Nucha is the App that allows you to browse the market place for items that you want while, at the same time, helping you contribute to the Causes that matter to you. All this within the same budget.

You can also sell your own goods and dedicate a portion or all of the proceed to one of your Causes.

Finally you can donate directly to Charities and Campaigns.

How it works ? Simple.

When you find an item you want , you can automatically see to what cause the seller will send part of the proceed.

As there is a minimum of 2% dedicated to a Charitable Cause for each item listed on the platform, each and every action contributes to a good Cause.

Want to Sell an item on Nucha? Easy. It only takes few steps :

  1. Name and describe your listing
  2. Take up to 5 pictures
  3. Set the price of the item and the percentage you want to give to your chosen Cause And that’s it.

When your item sold, we automatically* send the donation to your chosen cause.

Oh wait...

You can also start your own campaign or raise money for an existing Cause. Pick your Cause, set a target and launch your Campaign.

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Instantly improve your income and take advantage of the cheapest platform that is.

No more items sitting in the shop for weeks.

No more costly spots on the High Street.

As a charity shop, you can list your items and and set up a Donation page.

Every time you list an item, all users that have the relevant alert will be notified.

You can also invite your item donors to directly list them and donate the proceeds to your cause.

So no more cleaning and sorting the good from the bad. When they sell you automatically get the proceeds.

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It has never been so easy to start a campaign. With Nucha it takes just a few steps to get your campaign going.

  • Choose your logo
  • Set a target
  • Click "Post"

Your community will receive a notification instantly.

You can also invite your friends and followers to join you and your Campaign.

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